Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This is actually an old post from Multiply... I am just gathering all my old post so i can close it down...

I have been wanting to blog this for a super long time, and i finally got the time, i guess it will be the time where i share my idea of what i think of the tsunami that happens on boxing day...

During that time, the tsunami hits around the highest amplitude which is 9.7 and experts proclaim that its the highest hits ever since 100 years ago. I had wondered if anyone who lives 100 years ago know about this incident. Of course no one admits it and no one ever had experience this incident before, so what is the experts trying to say?

If there is no such incident 100 years ago, then this would be definitely the first time...

Anyway, what i am trying to say is that, can we not say that its not an accident nor even mother nature? Have anyone think about for once? It might be the US trying some atomic bombs underneed those oceans and underwater bombing. Since the US stop korean and other countries to have bomb testing, i guess the US cant have some open atomic bomb testing so in other way, they test it under ground.

And why they pick nearby indonesia? It's maybe, (i presume) that they (the US) might have thought the people around in asia is better of dying under mother nature of tsunami?

Let just put it this way, have anyone check the water of the tsunami? Answer is no. This is because if there is a bombing underneed the water, the water will have some chemicals in it, but no one ever question nor even get the water to testing, but conclude everything that it was an act of mother nature.

These are the question in my head... So it is mother nature that everyone thought it is or is it some underground bombing by the US?

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