Friday, July 24, 2009

A'famosa Melaka Part 2

Well finally i find the time to blog the 2nd part of A'famosa melaka. A trip i went with my friend Ming Yee and my awesome parent. The second day we went to the Safari world. Where you get to meet stinking animals and their poops smell. The zoo was really smelly. Come to think of it, the rain just stop so i guess that's why the place stinks so much, the animals are all wet. We wanted to head on to water world at the first place but then it was raining so hard around 8.30 am, so we went back to sleep till around 10 am. Skip the water world and went to the animal as we said, we shall visit water world next time.

Anyway first off to the multianimal show which we had already miss the first half and can only watch the second half of it before going to the next show which is the bird show.

Then off to monkey's island. Where you get to see tons of different species of monkeys alive in malaysia itself. Of course if its monkey island we need to take a boat to reach there... Kinda scary type of boat, it can actually sink when there're too many people on it.

There are also wild peacocks roaming around freely...

Also take a look at the boat i am sitting in... see the water is actually coming in....

More shows coming up, cowboys, multianimal show and this time i watch the whole thing.

Did i mention this is the host of the whole event? He actually MC for all the shows.

And now for the animal show pictures....

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