Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flyff V13 updates 01

Hey dudes and ladies out there. Finally by today I will be updating Flyff V13 for those who haven't play it. It definitely have those new features like what i mention on my previous post. Like you can marry people and get skills. The longer you're marry to that someone, you will get new skills like more attack/defense or more drop rates or exp. Also for those low level characters of yours could level at none other than Coral Island. It is something like Azria, except the fact that Azria is always filled with high level people and its cold, but in Coral Island, its filled with low level people and also its a beach type area so technically its hot.

I dont really have any Coral Island pictures with me yet, but I am grateful to my dear friend Tessa, that she would be able to grab and snap some pictures for me in Flyff. The gratitude goes to her when i saw these awesome pictures i got from her.

Well this is ShaNa her characters in Flyff and also thanks to another girl LinLin which is my friend too whom i haven't talk to her for a long time.

There are some new mini games such as Rainbow Races. It's a special race that occurs only once a week. Participants will fly across the continents to see who is the fastest FlyFFer in Madrigal; however, the speed of their vehicles is not the only factor for winning. Rainbow Racers must also complete seven mini games to finish the race. These mini games will test the players’ wits, reflexes, memory, and hand-eye coordination. The top 10 finishers of each race can return to the Rainbow Race NPC to obtain special prizes.

Characters with flying transports can register for the race with the Rainbow Race Officer (appropriately named, don’t you think?) by giving her 1,000,000 Penya. Participants who are in the game are teleported to the Rainbow Race Officer just before the race is set to begin. Using their gravity-defying transports made of wood, steel, or cloth, contestants must seek out the 7 Rainbow Spirits located all over Madrigal on every island continent and beat them at their own game. Each one will present a unique challenge that must be overcome before moving on and finishing the race.

FlyFFers will take to the skies to compete for the first time in an aerial race done up FlyFF style. Rainbow Racers will battle each other with their minds, their dexterity, and their vehicles to win rare and valuable prizes!

This is the npc that you need to talk to. Click on her and there you have it, a Rainbow Race.

Skipping to the next updates are, you get to have titles above your head. Like example Lollipop Addict, is when you ate around 999 lollipops then the title will appear above your head and next to your characters name. There is also Jump Master, Casanova, Strength Master, Novice Fighter and etc. These are the few example and the rest you might need to test it out yourself. No harm trying out new stuff.

Here is an example when you're married to someone.

More updates some other time. Thanks for reading :)