Friday, October 22, 2010

Flyff V16 Launch Date

The announce the launch date is on 2nd November, but where is my beta!!!???

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Honestly they should post up the beta~!!! i been waiting for ages to try it out the new version T_T

Friday, October 15, 2010

FlyFF V16 : Rise of the Muran

YES its here once again! The newer better version of FLYFF only for the hungry eyes of flyffers!

V16: Rise of the Muran contains a wealth of new content and will be one of the largest updates released.

Open Beta kicks off in late October, but to celebrate the approaching launch of V16, the Flyff team is starting the party early! Join them for the fan-favorite Level-Up Event starting on October 6th, and the all new Zombie Apocalypse on October 13th!

Of course you can click on the title for the link where i get the info from!!

All rights reserved by the Official Flyff Forum, I am just spreading the great news for them!

New lands have been charted, ancient history uncovered, new beasts discovered and an evolutionary path towards supremacy unlocked!

V16: Rise of the Muran!

These updates are proudly presented to you by the Forum Moderator Tanza!!!

1) 3rd Job Evolution Information
V16 will introduce new jobs! Unfortunately, they are only available for those who work the hardest and achieve level 130. Dissimilar from the 2nd Job Evolution at level 60, you don't get two choices, but only one.

3rd Class Names:
- Jester -> Harlequin
- Ranger -> Crackshooter
- Knight -> Templar
- Blade -> Slayer
- Elementor -> Arcanist
- Psykeeper -> Mentalist
- Billposter -> Force Master
- Ringmaster -> Seraph

Reasons to Evolve:
The benefits of evolving into the 3rd Job are threefold.
- 1: New skills.
- 2: New weapons&Shields.
- 3: Extended level cap.

Extended Level Cap:
The new level cap will be level 139. You can get an additional 99.99% more, but level 140 will not be possible.

How to Evolve:
To evolve into your 3rd Job Class, you must complete a quest. The quests become available upon reaching level 130, and the NPCs that offer these quests are found in Elliun City, at the heart of the new land north of Valley of the Risen.

2) New Skills for 3rd Job
Each of the new third jobs that characters can evolve into at Level 130, will receive an additional set of skills.

Leveling Skills Up:
Characters can level each new 3rd job skill like any other (non master/hero) skill. The only two typical stipulations are as follows:
- Max Skill Level: 5
- Skill Points Required for one Level: ?

Skill Trees

3) New Weapons & Shields
In V16, there are three categories of new Weapons & Shields. They are the Skill Shields, Armory of the Risen (Skeleton Weapons & Shields), and Muran Weapons & Shields.

Skill Shields
Like the name implies, these shields are specifically required to cast skills. They do not carry additional stats. Psykeepers and Billposters will automatically receive these weapons (shields) upon completion of their respect 3rd Job Evolution Quest.

Armory of the Risen AKA Skeleton Weapons & Shields
The Armory of the Risen includes upgraded versions of the Skill Weapons for Mentalists and Force Masters, as well as new sword and shield for Templars. Players can get these weapons from either [Deathbringer] Kheldor or [General] Razgul.

Muran Weapons & Shields
The Muran Weapons offer the highest form of all new weapons, and are acquired within the new instanced-dungeon, Ankou's Asylum. The Muran Shields are only obtained within the Chests, and everything else drops from [God of Death] Ankou.

Note: To upgrade any of the above weapons (Skill, Skeleton and Muran), you must use the Baruna Upgrade System.

4) New Areas
V16 presents two new main areas. The first is a premium isle, the other a newly discovered land north of the Valley of the Risen. In the new land, there is a new dungeon and a new city.

Admission is granted through the use of a premium Item: Traseia Ticket. These come in the standard 1/7/15 day variety and are (well, will be) available in the Cash Shop. Traseia offers new mobs which range from level 116 to 127, while boasting 30% more EXP than those found elsewhere. These mobs are much easier in comparison to those at the Valley of the Risen and the Kaillun Grassland, and they do not possess maximum block rate.

Kalliun Grassland
A beautiful land north of the dark Valley of the Risen expands across a grassy plains. At the center is an establishment known as Eillun City, where the ancient cat-like Muran exist. The Muran offer a variety of services, such as access to your bank, shops, and more. As sentient and peaceful as this place seems however, there are a set of savage beasts that roam the plains. These mobs range from level 129 to 134 (including a boss at level 140), and they possess a fearsome power of destruction as well as maximum block rate.

Elliun City
Elliun City lies in the heart of the Kalliun Grasslands, at the base of giant tree the Muran call home. Elliun City provides a number of NPC functions as well as shelter and protection from the wild mobs which roam the Kalliun Grasslands.

Ankou's Asylum
This dreadful place exists on the outskirts of the Kaillun Grasslands. Only the most courageous heroes will journey into this lair, with the blessings of the Muran, to defeat the God of Death, Ankou. It is an instanced dungeon, and the enemies inside are consumed with the power of death. Should players defeat Ankou, they may be rewarded with one of the blessed Muran Weapons.

5) New Mobs
V16 Presents three sets of new mobs, found in one of new areas: Traseia, Kalliun Grassland and Ankou's Asylum.

A cluster of tiny islets has drifted close enough to Madrigal. Warriors can now venture out across the mysterious and hazy expanse offered by this ruinous world. The mobs here range from level 116 to 126, and are led by a boss that is level 127. These mobs have not mastered maximal block rate, and they grant fighters 30% more exp than usual.

Kalliun Grassland
Home to some of the most powerful mobs on Madrigal, this sparse grassland is traversed by a feral clan of werewolves known as the Lycan Tribe. The mobs here possess the art of maximal block rate, and they are incredibly strong. They range from level 129 to 134, and are ruled by the Chieftain.

Ankou's Asylum
Brave warriors wishing to conquer this fell beast will require immeasurable courage and strength to retrieve the stolen weapons crafted by the Muran themselves long ago. The God of Death, Ankou, rests within this Aslyum at the eastern edge of the Kalliun Grassland.

6) New Instanced Dungeon - Ankou's Asylum
The structure of this dungeon is similar to the Catacombs of Anguish, wherein the Deathbringer Kheldor resides. Adventurer's beware however, the enemies in this dungeon are much stronger, more refined and incredibly deadly.

Adventurer's Warning:
No one has been brave enough to map out the structure of the dungeon (yet.) Therefore be warned, and tread carefully. We recommend pencil and paper and sharp wits.

1. You must be in a party to enter this dungeon.
2. You must be level 130 to enter this dungeon.
3. You may not use transies inside this dungeon.
4. There is a 12 hour cooldown for dungeon re-entry.

1. Destroy the five Monuments of Death which are spread throughout the dungeon.
2. With all Monuments of Death destroyed, [God of Death] Ankou appears in the throne room.
3. Defeat [God of Death] Ankou.

Muran Weapons

Four chests exist in the dungeon. Their contents include the Muran Shields, and some other stuff.

7) New Quests
In addition to new office quests available in Eillun City, there are a few other chain quests, including some new ones for Vagrants as well! The 3rd Job Evolution Quests are also included here.

3rd Job Evolution Quests:
8 Quests available for each new 3rd job.

Office Quests:
14 quests regarding collection of Qi from new mobs.

Other Quests:
- Bartholomew Hunt.
- Vagrant Quests.
- Baruna Upgrade Tutorial Quest
- and more

8.) The Baruna Upgrade System
9.) Guild Castle Auction System
10.) Miscelleneous Changes

COMING UP NEXT :D more updates from Tanza is yet to be awaits!

Courtesy of Tanza Flyff Forum Moderator

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Last Airbender Movie Review

I'm here again to do a new review about a movie which is Avatar. No, not the Award Winning Avatar that shows blue colored human armed with arrows, but the new Avatar movie. Avatar the Last Airbender. I've recently watch this movie twice due to some circumstances.

Anyway if anyone of you that havent watch the movie, dont continue reading. This piece of review will be a movie critique.

Hey now, dont go "ugh another critique". Everyone IS a critique, so if you must stay, just enjoy my point of view on the movie, if not, just click close. As simple as that.

Let me start, the beginning of the story fade in with a figure of Katara, the water bender girl. Bending her water with her brother Sokka. A funny scene where you see Katara pour her water bending at Sokka.

Katara - Nicola Peltz
Sokka - Jackson Rathbone

A personal thought of the first impression on the character.

- In the series, Katara and Sokka's age gap are supposed to be only a year different, but here the characters are almost 3 or 4 years apart.

- Sokka doesnt even look dumb or funny. He's much more of an understanding and matured brother. Eventhough the director tried to put stupid ridiculous line for Sokka to say, he still doesnt sound stupid.

- The girl that suppose to play Katara in the movie she needs a tan and she should be wearing blue or red not brown I've seen every episode and she never wore brown. She looks as white as the grugde they need to hold more auditions.

- Nicola acting is so cold and stiff, I was wondering how she even get the role. =.=''

OK so after that water bending scene, they found Aang. The little bald boy inside a big ball of ice. Follow by the original story, Katara and Sokka brought Aang back to their village. The movie skipped to the part of where the fire nation invade the region and capture Aang.

So, this is where my hero comes in. I know I know I'm being bias but he is really charming in the cartoon.

His name is Zukko (Dev Patel). The minute the actor put down his hood, I nearly died of spasm. I know I am being racist here but whatever, they replace chinese/japanese asian kid to an Indian asian? What kind of joke is this? With his little indian accent makes me laugh like hell. I havent even talk bout the entire indian fire nation yet xD

Another first impression personal thoughts about prince Zuko *ting*

- His eye should be squinted a little bit, on his scar. His scar needs to be darker....and, he needs to have shorter hair! and much more!! Zuko is NOT TAN!!!!

- He is an Indian. Since when the anime/cartoon draws indian? This is like another movie to be ridicule after Dragonball =.=

- The people they've cast in this movie really don't look anything like they do in the show but at least this guy has some acting experience so I don't think he will be too horrible but from what I've seen of him in Slumdog Millionaire I don't think that he can pull of Zukko.

Honestly, I dont have a problem with Indian and suchs but changing the entire anime style of fire nation into something like this? Its absolutely hilarious. I can barely concentrate nor pay attention as I was laughing and find it comical.

So Aang escape form being imprison by Prince Zuko and went with Katara and Sokka to the air bender temple. This is where we find out that Aang is more than 100 years old. Funny thing about english is the pronunciation. When Aang introduce himself, "My name is Ang". I laugh out loud in the cinema. His real name is supposed to pronounce as Aang with a double A, but the director seems to change the name to Ang of one A.

At the end of it, i'll say...

Katara is white, Sokka is so serious for being Sokka, Aang looks very serious for being a 12 old boy,and Zuko is tan...

Movie isnt so great without a good actress or actor that will at least put effort in it too. Since the storyline is based on the book, they should improvise on their actors and actresses.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spread your wings and soar


Yup I had graduated! By having this eternal holidays, I am blogging again. This time is just a short one about my graduation. Though most of the emotional feelings have left me, but studying in Limkokwing University shall always remain in my memory.

As a former student, I can say its the most joyful time of the life.

For one, you dont have any responsibility other than doing your assignments or homework.

Two, you can just lay off school if you dont feel like going at all. Yes you can do it, and I believe tons of student these days are doing so. But when you comes to working life, there aint no chance of skipping work even if you're sick.

Three, dude you're still young, just hang out and chill! There are no rules of that isnt it? ^^

Yup that's one of the few of university life that one can have.

So anyway, convocation for Limkokwing University students are way totally different from others convocation. As simple as we dont have normal quiet ceremony, instead we have tons of music, jumps around and singing. Trust me, its way more entertaining compare to other universities!

Thats how rowdy our convocation can get. That isnt even the end of our convocation, its just the beginning xD

Yes those were the days..

Here, the guy laying in front with such explosive looks is our Head of Department. Uncle Ike :P

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today is Merdeka day! In another word, its Malaysia Independence day. No, I am not going to blog about Malaysia, its so risky to do that now judging on what happen the day before Merdeka. Someone got arrested due to what he wrote about Malaysia in his point of view.

So in this post, I'm going to blog about my event! My last post was all about the preparation of the exhibition, where else this blog is about the exhibition day!

I know its super boring, so move along people who arent interested in reading xD.

During the exhibition, our lecturer invited most of the industry people to check out our booth and works in school. Most of the industrial people would just take a glance and walks off when they saw mine ( i know my isnt the best work yet but seriously you should show some appreciation right?) after that they will just walk around the exhibition looking ONLY at the best artworks or animation.

I dont blame them from walking away from mine, but do keep those nasty comments to yourself after you seen our works. I know critique do us good, but you're here to hire us and see our work but not to critique us in such a rude manner.

Alas i hate being standing at my booth due to the super direct wind from the aircond, i stood with my classmate Lindani, (she is a receptionist) and all I have to do is just sit and smile towards the guest.

My job as the receptionist, its so easy. All i need to do is to entertain the guest, by bringing them food and the drinks, which is free. By all means one of our classmate (I doubt he reads blog so Ima put his name anyway) Ehsan, he just kept eating the food there and drinks the yucky diluted water. All he do is just eats, drink, sit on the sofa, eats, smokes, drinks, and eats. I barely see him at his own booth promoting his work. I guess thats why our food went missing so quickly.

Some of our lecturer is kind enough to contact their friends to come over to our exhibition to give a small speech about the outside world, and how our work supposed to display and how to sell ourselves ( it sounds wrong i know xD) In this case, I specially miss our beloved lecturer Aizati. She is the first ever lecturer to bring us on a field trip to visit artist around the world (by attending KL design week) I never regret till this day. How she expose us towards the industry people by inviting them to our presentation. Despite the nervousness and scared of the industrial people, I go through it and its an experience. So I guess some other lecturer learn from Miss Aizati and bring in some guest. Like this one.

Also every lecturer that ever taught us, LOVES our decoration and wanted one of these. They are homemade. I meant, made by ourselves as in papers, cardboard and wood with a little wirings xD

Well that's it for now!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Explosive Event

I know, been super long since my last entry. I've been busy.

First off, the Graduation Exhibition. (I am so sorry towards all my friends because I promise them a video of it but the other half of the video is still with Sam so I cant really edit it) We have to prepare like hundreds of small cubes along with big cubes for the lighting.

All the preparation for the Exhibition started right after our finals. Where the coloring of the cubes, wrapping up the glow in the dark cubes and more. The leaders who work the hardest actually is the one who suggest and confirm everything. Like in a company, i am just a small fly that no one will bother until our department GM tell us what to do. Unless I am keen to do something, i just straight away ask my Big Boss which is the president. Often I do that because my department leader don't tell me shit about what's happening usually.

The exhibition took us 48 hours or more to set up. The location is supposed to be out of the university but some political matters, it was pushed back and located IN our uni right beside the Apple store above the plaza of our uni. The place is extremely small which means we need to share the computers between two users. The decoration and arrangement of chairs and tables were to arrange and re arrange due to the small area.

Finally covering the entire room with darkness... LOL joking. But we literally wrap the wall, window and tables with black cloths. That's our theme anyway, supposedly to be something to do with forest (our creative leader have a soft spots towards environment and going green) but it changed into pixelfly. Simple as, all the finals project are in digital format. Pixel as in digital, fly as in we're all graduates, we're soaring like fireflies in the dark, we're the light! ok I know i over exaggerated xD that's because i love my classmates :P

This is before everything is set up

After all the dark cloth and decorations.

After hours and hours of preparing the place, its simply exhausting, but I am satisfied. This is our end product of our exhibition.

The prints out of our booklets and DVD for take aways

Monday, May 31, 2010

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

OMG its finally out! The soft opening of the Hogsmeade Village at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!! Check out the video!!! Gosh it look so amazing, but unfortunately i am unable to go yet >_<'' I need to save up some money and time to go!!! Plus i want to go with a bunch of Harry Potter geek friends of mine!!!