Friday, September 3, 2010

The Last Airbender Movie Review

I'm here again to do a new review about a movie which is Avatar. No, not the Award Winning Avatar that shows blue colored human armed with arrows, but the new Avatar movie. Avatar the Last Airbender. I've recently watch this movie twice due to some circumstances.

Anyway if anyone of you that havent watch the movie, dont continue reading. This piece of review will be a movie critique.

Hey now, dont go "ugh another critique". Everyone IS a critique, so if you must stay, just enjoy my point of view on the movie, if not, just click close. As simple as that.

Let me start, the beginning of the story fade in with a figure of Katara, the water bender girl. Bending her water with her brother Sokka. A funny scene where you see Katara pour her water bending at Sokka.

Katara - Nicola Peltz
Sokka - Jackson Rathbone

A personal thought of the first impression on the character.

- In the series, Katara and Sokka's age gap are supposed to be only a year different, but here the characters are almost 3 or 4 years apart.

- Sokka doesnt even look dumb or funny. He's much more of an understanding and matured brother. Eventhough the director tried to put stupid ridiculous line for Sokka to say, he still doesnt sound stupid.

- The girl that suppose to play Katara in the movie she needs a tan and she should be wearing blue or red not brown I've seen every episode and she never wore brown. She looks as white as the grugde they need to hold more auditions.

- Nicola acting is so cold and stiff, I was wondering how she even get the role. =.=''

OK so after that water bending scene, they found Aang. The little bald boy inside a big ball of ice. Follow by the original story, Katara and Sokka brought Aang back to their village. The movie skipped to the part of where the fire nation invade the region and capture Aang.

So, this is where my hero comes in. I know I know I'm being bias but he is really charming in the cartoon.

His name is Zukko (Dev Patel). The minute the actor put down his hood, I nearly died of spasm. I know I am being racist here but whatever, they replace chinese/japanese asian kid to an Indian asian? What kind of joke is this? With his little indian accent makes me laugh like hell. I havent even talk bout the entire indian fire nation yet xD

Another first impression personal thoughts about prince Zuko *ting*

- His eye should be squinted a little bit, on his scar. His scar needs to be darker....and, he needs to have shorter hair! and much more!! Zuko is NOT TAN!!!!

- He is an Indian. Since when the anime/cartoon draws indian? This is like another movie to be ridicule after Dragonball =.=

- The people they've cast in this movie really don't look anything like they do in the show but at least this guy has some acting experience so I don't think he will be too horrible but from what I've seen of him in Slumdog Millionaire I don't think that he can pull of Zukko.

Honestly, I dont have a problem with Indian and suchs but changing the entire anime style of fire nation into something like this? Its absolutely hilarious. I can barely concentrate nor pay attention as I was laughing and find it comical.

So Aang escape form being imprison by Prince Zuko and went with Katara and Sokka to the air bender temple. This is where we find out that Aang is more than 100 years old. Funny thing about english is the pronunciation. When Aang introduce himself, "My name is Ang". I laugh out loud in the cinema. His real name is supposed to pronounce as Aang with a double A, but the director seems to change the name to Ang of one A.

At the end of it, i'll say...

Katara is white, Sokka is so serious for being Sokka, Aang looks very serious for being a 12 old boy,and Zuko is tan...

Movie isnt so great without a good actress or actor that will at least put effort in it too. Since the storyline is based on the book, they should improvise on their actors and actresses.

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