Friday, October 15, 2010

FlyFF V16 : Rise of the Muran

YES its here once again! The newer better version of FLYFF only for the hungry eyes of flyffers!

V16: Rise of the Muran contains a wealth of new content and will be one of the largest updates released.

Open Beta kicks off in late October, but to celebrate the approaching launch of V16, the Flyff team is starting the party early! Join them for the fan-favorite Level-Up Event starting on October 6th, and the all new Zombie Apocalypse on October 13th!

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All rights reserved by the Official Flyff Forum, I am just spreading the great news for them!

New lands have been charted, ancient history uncovered, new beasts discovered and an evolutionary path towards supremacy unlocked!

V16: Rise of the Muran!

These updates are proudly presented to you by the Forum Moderator Tanza!!!

1) 3rd Job Evolution Information
V16 will introduce new jobs! Unfortunately, they are only available for those who work the hardest and achieve level 130. Dissimilar from the 2nd Job Evolution at level 60, you don't get two choices, but only one.

3rd Class Names:
- Jester -> Harlequin
- Ranger -> Crackshooter
- Knight -> Templar
- Blade -> Slayer
- Elementor -> Arcanist
- Psykeeper -> Mentalist
- Billposter -> Force Master
- Ringmaster -> Seraph

Reasons to Evolve:
The benefits of evolving into the 3rd Job are threefold.
- 1: New skills.
- 2: New weapons&Shields.
- 3: Extended level cap.

Extended Level Cap:
The new level cap will be level 139. You can get an additional 99.99% more, but level 140 will not be possible.

How to Evolve:
To evolve into your 3rd Job Class, you must complete a quest. The quests become available upon reaching level 130, and the NPCs that offer these quests are found in Elliun City, at the heart of the new land north of Valley of the Risen.

2) New Skills for 3rd Job
Each of the new third jobs that characters can evolve into at Level 130, will receive an additional set of skills.

Leveling Skills Up:
Characters can level each new 3rd job skill like any other (non master/hero) skill. The only two typical stipulations are as follows:
- Max Skill Level: 5
- Skill Points Required for one Level: ?

Skill Trees

3) New Weapons & Shields
In V16, there are three categories of new Weapons & Shields. They are the Skill Shields, Armory of the Risen (Skeleton Weapons & Shields), and Muran Weapons & Shields.

Skill Shields
Like the name implies, these shields are specifically required to cast skills. They do not carry additional stats. Psykeepers and Billposters will automatically receive these weapons (shields) upon completion of their respect 3rd Job Evolution Quest.

Armory of the Risen AKA Skeleton Weapons & Shields
The Armory of the Risen includes upgraded versions of the Skill Weapons for Mentalists and Force Masters, as well as new sword and shield for Templars. Players can get these weapons from either [Deathbringer] Kheldor or [General] Razgul.

Muran Weapons & Shields
The Muran Weapons offer the highest form of all new weapons, and are acquired within the new instanced-dungeon, Ankou's Asylum. The Muran Shields are only obtained within the Chests, and everything else drops from [God of Death] Ankou.

Note: To upgrade any of the above weapons (Skill, Skeleton and Muran), you must use the Baruna Upgrade System.

4) New Areas
V16 presents two new main areas. The first is a premium isle, the other a newly discovered land north of the Valley of the Risen. In the new land, there is a new dungeon and a new city.

Admission is granted through the use of a premium Item: Traseia Ticket. These come in the standard 1/7/15 day variety and are (well, will be) available in the Cash Shop. Traseia offers new mobs which range from level 116 to 127, while boasting 30% more EXP than those found elsewhere. These mobs are much easier in comparison to those at the Valley of the Risen and the Kaillun Grassland, and they do not possess maximum block rate.

Kalliun Grassland
A beautiful land north of the dark Valley of the Risen expands across a grassy plains. At the center is an establishment known as Eillun City, where the ancient cat-like Muran exist. The Muran offer a variety of services, such as access to your bank, shops, and more. As sentient and peaceful as this place seems however, there are a set of savage beasts that roam the plains. These mobs range from level 129 to 134 (including a boss at level 140), and they possess a fearsome power of destruction as well as maximum block rate.

Elliun City
Elliun City lies in the heart of the Kalliun Grasslands, at the base of giant tree the Muran call home. Elliun City provides a number of NPC functions as well as shelter and protection from the wild mobs which roam the Kalliun Grasslands.

Ankou's Asylum
This dreadful place exists on the outskirts of the Kaillun Grasslands. Only the most courageous heroes will journey into this lair, with the blessings of the Muran, to defeat the God of Death, Ankou. It is an instanced dungeon, and the enemies inside are consumed with the power of death. Should players defeat Ankou, they may be rewarded with one of the blessed Muran Weapons.

5) New Mobs
V16 Presents three sets of new mobs, found in one of new areas: Traseia, Kalliun Grassland and Ankou's Asylum.

A cluster of tiny islets has drifted close enough to Madrigal. Warriors can now venture out across the mysterious and hazy expanse offered by this ruinous world. The mobs here range from level 116 to 126, and are led by a boss that is level 127. These mobs have not mastered maximal block rate, and they grant fighters 30% more exp than usual.

Kalliun Grassland
Home to some of the most powerful mobs on Madrigal, this sparse grassland is traversed by a feral clan of werewolves known as the Lycan Tribe. The mobs here possess the art of maximal block rate, and they are incredibly strong. They range from level 129 to 134, and are ruled by the Chieftain.

Ankou's Asylum
Brave warriors wishing to conquer this fell beast will require immeasurable courage and strength to retrieve the stolen weapons crafted by the Muran themselves long ago. The God of Death, Ankou, rests within this Aslyum at the eastern edge of the Kalliun Grassland.

6) New Instanced Dungeon - Ankou's Asylum
The structure of this dungeon is similar to the Catacombs of Anguish, wherein the Deathbringer Kheldor resides. Adventurer's beware however, the enemies in this dungeon are much stronger, more refined and incredibly deadly.

Adventurer's Warning:
No one has been brave enough to map out the structure of the dungeon (yet.) Therefore be warned, and tread carefully. We recommend pencil and paper and sharp wits.

1. You must be in a party to enter this dungeon.
2. You must be level 130 to enter this dungeon.
3. You may not use transies inside this dungeon.
4. There is a 12 hour cooldown for dungeon re-entry.

1. Destroy the five Monuments of Death which are spread throughout the dungeon.
2. With all Monuments of Death destroyed, [God of Death] Ankou appears in the throne room.
3. Defeat [God of Death] Ankou.

Muran Weapons

Four chests exist in the dungeon. Their contents include the Muran Shields, and some other stuff.

7) New Quests
In addition to new office quests available in Eillun City, there are a few other chain quests, including some new ones for Vagrants as well! The 3rd Job Evolution Quests are also included here.

3rd Job Evolution Quests:
8 Quests available for each new 3rd job.

Office Quests:
14 quests regarding collection of Qi from new mobs.

Other Quests:
- Bartholomew Hunt.
- Vagrant Quests.
- Baruna Upgrade Tutorial Quest
- and more

8.) The Baruna Upgrade System
9.) Guild Castle Auction System
10.) Miscelleneous Changes

COMING UP NEXT :D more updates from Tanza is yet to be awaits!

Courtesy of Tanza Flyff Forum Moderator


Anonymous said...

3rd job??? I think this is the end of flyff for me. They're making it REALLY hard and I think it's not "gamer-friendly" anymore. I'm getting sick of this grind shit and getting bored by it already. I'm playing Flyff Ph by the way and GMs there suck.

sherlyn said...

Lol, i stopped playing ^^ i am more towards the Beta nowadays to keep everyone update =)

Anonymous said...

=) im open Malaysia Flyff Private server..., :P want test?

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