Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today is Merdeka day! In another word, its Malaysia Independence day. No, I am not going to blog about Malaysia, its so risky to do that now judging on what happen the day before Merdeka. Someone got arrested due to what he wrote about Malaysia in his point of view.

So in this post, I'm going to blog about my event! My last post was all about the preparation of the exhibition, where else this blog is about the exhibition day!

I know its super boring, so move along people who arent interested in reading xD.

During the exhibition, our lecturer invited most of the industry people to check out our booth and works in school. Most of the industrial people would just take a glance and walks off when they saw mine ( i know my isnt the best work yet but seriously you should show some appreciation right?) after that they will just walk around the exhibition looking ONLY at the best artworks or animation.

I dont blame them from walking away from mine, but do keep those nasty comments to yourself after you seen our works. I know critique do us good, but you're here to hire us and see our work but not to critique us in such a rude manner.

Alas i hate being standing at my booth due to the super direct wind from the aircond, i stood with my classmate Lindani, (she is a receptionist) and all I have to do is just sit and smile towards the guest.

My job as the receptionist, its so easy. All i need to do is to entertain the guest, by bringing them food and the drinks, which is free. By all means one of our classmate (I doubt he reads blog so Ima put his name anyway) Ehsan, he just kept eating the food there and drinks the yucky diluted water. All he do is just eats, drink, sit on the sofa, eats, smokes, drinks, and eats. I barely see him at his own booth promoting his work. I guess thats why our food went missing so quickly.

Some of our lecturer is kind enough to contact their friends to come over to our exhibition to give a small speech about the outside world, and how our work supposed to display and how to sell ourselves ( it sounds wrong i know xD) In this case, I specially miss our beloved lecturer Aizati. She is the first ever lecturer to bring us on a field trip to visit artist around the world (by attending KL design week) I never regret till this day. How she expose us towards the industry people by inviting them to our presentation. Despite the nervousness and scared of the industrial people, I go through it and its an experience. So I guess some other lecturer learn from Miss Aizati and bring in some guest. Like this one.

Also every lecturer that ever taught us, LOVES our decoration and wanted one of these. They are homemade. I meant, made by ourselves as in papers, cardboard and wood with a little wirings xD

Well that's it for now!

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