Friday, July 3, 2009

A tribute to MJ

You are not alone, For I am here with you, Though we're far apart, You're always in my heart...Most probably you're in a deserted island spending your private time with our king of rock and roll Elvis... Although you may had been BAD guy to your vulture family and friends or a SMOOTH CRIMINAL for the public but to me you're the MAN IN TE MIRROR, a guy who would change for the world,.. you don't care who is BLACK OR WHITE and most of all you have touched and HEALED THE WORLD.

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Thank you for the music. Your bizarre behavior was a brilliant entertainer who thrilled the world for decades. The music and magic that he weaved for this generation will be cherished for a long time to come, though its impossible to show my children nor my children's children of how MJ would look like when he is old.

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My uncle was the one who first introduce me his songs. Until now, I still remember MJ for his moonwalking, crotch grabbing and thrusting and jerky body movement. I never knew that those dances can be bad or insulting for the viewers but some other tried to copy his dances move but all failed to do so.

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Songs i remember are his inspirational songs. Example of "It doesnt matter whether its black or white" and of "ebony and irony and living in perfect harmony" and how can we forget "we're the world". Thus I often sympathize him, believing that he was the victim of those greedy accountant and promoter who used him like a money tree or as you can see now the vultures that are surrounding him after his death.

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I know I love his fashion sense. I remember trying to wear white gloves to class and even sticking plaster on 3 of my fingers even though it isnt injured. With his visual and musical talents, MJ was the right man. Trousers cut high, the elasticity of his ankle movement was the central focus of his dancing, whether moonwalking or perching static for a long seconds on tip toe, body bend at improbable angles, MJ did not make those fluidly unreal motion look easy.

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Plus he made military gear look hot~!! We shall remember his signature looks... one gloves, glittery jacket, white t shirt, aviator sunglasses, white ankle socks, black loafer... well this is what i remember when i first watch his music video on my uncle's vcd

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michael jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

Michael Jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

Bottom line, he have earn billions of love from fans around the world... all the way from US to UK to the Middle East and even in Asia. He is much greater than any politician nor any imagenary friends. People or fans like me, worships him.

MJ, I hope you have found your neverland where you are able to enjoy your childhood... RIP <3

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