Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A'famosa Melaka

4th of July when everyone is out to celebrate US independent day, me, my friend and family went for a short holiday up north at Melaka. Its a short journey of 2 hours drive on the highway and 15 minutes to reach the resort. My friend Ming Yee was excited since it was her first time to the resort. First glance it was not really welcoming since the banner to enter the resort looks sadly unfinished. So we entered the round about and into a winding road into the resort. First turn to the right was the cowboy town, where at night there will be a carnival and also firework display. Deeper inside we travel along the road of villas and finally we found the condotel where we're supposed to check into. Since we were early, my dad drove us around the place. (Check in time is 4pm while check out is 12noon)

This is how the Condotel looks like on the inside.

Around the corner there was a small ranch for activities or they call it team building. There are paintball, baseball, horse riding, fishing and also archery. We played the archery... Its kinda hard at first but I would want to keep playing since its fun to just shoot arrows like Robin Hood. Later we move along to the cowboy ranch, where the event starts at the time of 6.30 pm. Greeted by dancers and music. Inside its where the theme park is.

We went back to the condotel and shower before heading towards the carnival and also dinner. The carnival head starts with red indian show alongside with cowboy horse riding in and out of the carnival.

Here are some picture of the carnival. It aint much as most of it I took videos rather than pictures.

After the carnival then the fireworks... Though I have my reason for not taking pictures of it... Due to high expectation like what I saw during Putrajaya Fireworks Competition... so this firework display they had on afamosa was kinda small and not entertaining...

I'm gonna stop here at the meantime and post Sunday events maybe tomorrow or sometime later... More on afamosa trip some other time.

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