Friday, July 17, 2009

Half Blood Prince Movie Review

In short the movie is full of snogging and teenagers hormones rages in the show. As the director said, this movie is gonna be alot of romance and seeing their ''kids'' growing up and you know what, that's exactly whats mostly in the movie. Well we have waited a year then they push it to this year which means 2 years of waiting and I sure hope this movie comes out better with my two years of waiting and this is what i got... (this post might contain spoilers if you havent watch the movie please do not continue)

The movie starts off with a muggles at the office area where dark clouds emerge, and then death eaters into diagon alley and destroy most of the shops there (and hold it, Greyback is holding a wand? Since when he uses wands?) then off to destroy a small bridge in London.

Off the screen to a lonely boy sitting in a cafe besides the train station reading newspaper with headlines "The Chosen One". Me and my friends were taken back with the sudden opening and find it rather surprisingly surprise to have such a boring start. Maybe its the director way of showing "hey i change the starting to push an awesome beginning, how you like that?" thing...

Also they kick start with romance...there was a young lady at the cafe serving harry while flirting with him. Me and my friends though, who would wanna date a nerd in muggle place? LOL i know its rude to say that but he isnt that famous in the muggle place compare with wizarding area. So then harry saw Dumbledore apparates in front of the muggles... ok.. i thought he shouldn't do that and be aware that its a trains station and lots people actually walks around there? So then off to see Slughorn the potions master that's supposed to teach in Hogwarts. The scene perfectly fits the books, but then its supposedly to be dark mark is the one who give away rather than dragon's blood.

Off to burrows after he (harry) have somehow ''convince'' Slughorn to resume his post as a potion master in Hogwarts. Though it supposed to hide in the broom shed to talk about the extra lessons with Dumbledore, but no, silly enough (though i think its the director's sense of humor by putting him at the swamp with ankle high water to walk towards The Burrows. First one to notice, ginny (wow more romance aye) then ron then hermione. Even at that time they already have chemistry for the two of them.

Best part of the movie so far is the Weasley Wizards Wheezes. (try saying that 10 times)its colourful, its awesome, its superb and exactly how it is in the book you read!! Because when you're in the shop you just cant blink at all cause you just need to look at everything you found in the shop. Also according to the book, they did visit Borkins and Burkes but this time along with Greyback and also Malfoy's mum.

Again they didnt make Hermione nor Ron prefects... I thought they forgotten about it in the 5th book but noooo they just dont wanna put them as prefect. Throughout the movie till harry and ron is in Hogwarts, its all according to the book, just a tiny bits of twist here and there. Then Slughorn class... (oh by the way did I mention that Lav-Lav looks most annoying and also girlish girl? I cant stand her really -.- and also another new character Cormac Mclaggen, boy he is 10 times better looking than Ron ALSO in the movie they make him fully interested in Hermione. As you can see, romance and full time snogging)

Anyway back to the movie, they miss out a few memories of Voldemort, like, we didnt meet his grandpa nor uncle nor mother nor father, but the kids who acts as the younger version of Voldemort, I would say its a good effort~!

Then quidditch exactly like the book and awesome treat this time compare to the last movie. Then the moment everyone's waiting for, Lav Lav to kiss Won Won but well its not really a frontal kiss so i doubt they really does it anyway... So then Hermione already realise that Harry loves Ginny... Somehow they sorta fast forward the entire book in my opinion.

ALSO Malfoy part... Goodness I think this is the only movie that Draco were shown most compare to the last few movies of HP. They keep filming that he is fixing the cupboard AND what didya know, harry already known from Mr Weasley that there is such cupboard...-.- So technically they makes the plots slightly different during christmas, imagine The Burrows was burn down, AGAIN NO sights or billy nor charlie nor any house elves.

I was thinking that rather than keep showing Draco/Birds/Snogging/Cupboard/Draco, what cant they squeeze in some more parts from the book. I know the director is trying to show that he is capable of director his version and also his direction of the movie but putting unnecessary clips are really meaningless... (well of course this is from my point of view, i'm not sure about the rest who watch the show and ends up satisfied with it. I am really satisfied but then at least they dont miss out the important facts and love the part where dumbledore brings harry to the cave, awesome heart stopping moment there)

But no funeral? gosh that is the saddest moment and yet they didnt do it -.- but a talkie talkie between the trios... Bah i cant really figure a much better ending than that... Also they miss out on characters like the minister, i was wondering how does an old lion look like...

And so there you have it, a little review of the movie... not thorough but my opinion of the movie itself :) ciao

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