Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Characters to be made

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present my yet another noobie character. CheeseCakie. She is an acrobat and yet to become a yoyojester. These are her companion IxCheL and PheatAlmighty. Together the trios fight and level up.
There we are sitting under the tree at Flaris. The noobie level up area. Where each of us need to find 10 twinkle stone from the Aibatts. We just got our job that time, from a vagrant to a full grown Acrobats.
The triplets under the moonlight. We look nearly the same except for the eyes. For PheatAlmighty, its his hair that is different. Since guys character doesnt have green colored hair like the girls.

Me and IxCheL aka Clytia, looks nearly the same for the suit, hair and weapons. The only thing that is different between us is our eyes.
This is me and PheatAlmighty. He also have another character named Pheat but recently he is only using his ringmaster (fs) PheatJr. He has given his Pheat an elementor away. Sadly yes.
Again me and Pheat on a tree in Garden Of Rhisis. We are actually too low level for it, but with Hersilia buffs (Clytia sub character) we are stronger than usual.
Me and IxCheL dead in the arena... I seriously wonder why we go in even though we are still completely noobs.

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