Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another minutes on Flyff

Another random mix of screen shots from flyff. This time I am going into the dungeon or in another name it is called saint morning mines.
That particular moment, I was eager to level up to my second job, which is being a knight.
The skills are keen wheel, slash and the famous among the knight are the aoe skill, which is stomp.
This monsters are called totem, and its my favourite so far among the rest of the mobs. It is because it gives us tons of questies that arent useful except for pet feed and to be donated into the guild, whats more are they give us suns most of the time. Sun are rare and expensive in the game. It costly around 1.8 million, but some idiots in there inflated it and become 2.2 mil and above, but luckily the market drops and the idiots were ban from playing.

Finally I am a KNIGHT!!!! I spend for like 2 or more months to level up till that stage. Reason? I have bad internet connection. It is so slow that most of the time i would be killed of disconnected. How pathetic is that? So for this character Bolognaise I will forever cherish her. I spend the most of the time with her.

Here as you can see there is a knight gathering at the arena... And the best part is that I am the ONLY girl knight there.
Of course knights are useless without buffs. Buffs are like drugs in the game. Once you have it , you will always want it.

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