Monday, October 20, 2008

Aoeing and Gianting

This is where my fellow friends in the game were gianting. In darkon 3, the place where least people would go. So technically its aoer heaven.

There is Clytia, Mewki and UrLiFe2k along with the healer Cloud19. I was too low level that time and the most is that i stood on my board.
Feel the power of bubbles of u stinky fish!!!! .... The loots from fishes are the worst compare to the rest of the giant we take on ...
And over here Clytia aka my housemate aka my friend aka classmate is fighting the giant... She is pretty tough for a female chars. because her sta lvl is high and her str is strong. The skills of a billposter is amazing.
Giant Grr..... GRRRRRRR!!!!! feel the pain from the powerful most awesome Clytia, Mewki, Cloud19 and UrLiFe2k !!!!.. and of course me the great camera girl ...
Then of course we had arena for this kind of games.... Where sometimes we goof around or just pvp like normal... Kicking asses and noobies...
For this we are practically goofing around. I mean whats the fun if we dont just goof around... As the joker always say, why so serious..??

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