Monday, October 20, 2008

My sub characters

I have a few sub characters. My ever first characters is Mysterious, but i deleted her before she get a chance to reach 2nd job in the game. Then my next character was Bolognaise. Dont ask me why I pick that name. It just so happen my friend Marlianna, told me to name my character some food name and I was eating that particular Bolognaise in college. Then of course, i got bored of the main, I create a new one, which is Lasagna. Well I was thinking if my main is some food name, then my sub should have food names too.

There comes Lasagna, my soon-to-be Psykeeper. She is still super low level though. I havent touch her since I am into hardcore leveling my main Bolog.
Here she in died in the arena, along with her friend Cloud19. We were jumping up and down until someone came and aoer at our area and we died while in mid air. It looks comical though.
You can see from the sider corner. Thats the mage who killed us.... We were so innocent and young in there and he killed us. This is why i said that the arena is a place pwned noobie's asses.
Another picture of goofing around in the arena. This is actually a loser pose. If u lost in some challenge or duel, your character would automatically bend like that. But me and cloud19 was trying to a shape of M...
I bow down to you.... more snapshot of me and cloud19 goofing around in the arena. We were trying out new emoticon at that moment. We are still new, if I am not mistaken, it was taken last year.
Me AGAIN!!! I died while jumping and there is my heroine Clytia saving me by giving me the "holy light" which named ressuraction. But in short people will name it ress.

Well it so happen that I didnt know what was ress that time, when there was this other player asking for 'ress me please' and i response to him 'ress u'. My friends burst out laughing because it wasnt suppose to mean that ressing some is only can be done by a Ringmaster or Assist or Billposter. That player called me noob and my friend hate rude players so we just fly away and ignore that dead player laying down on the ground.

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