Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A new interest

Indeed it is! My cousin lure me into WOW for the last time. Yes they does it all the time they meet me. Play wow! Its fun! And yes i did take a look into his character and learn about WOW... Its actually more complicated than i have played any other games before >_>''

The similarities are noticeable. Since i am an ex gamer myself (yes i quit flyff like a year ago) so i kinda got hooked into WoW since my cousin drown me with the information. And NO this aint fucking dota i tell you =.= there is so much difference in them. I wish some people would just notice the different for once =.='''

Anyway back to the similarities...

First of.. the classes they have :D

The new kind that i havent heard before...

- Druid
They are more or less are like shape-shifting forms.

- Paladin
They can melee DPS, tank, or heal with the buff abilities, arguably one of the best buffing and group support classes in the game.

- Shaman
They are one of the most versatile classes in the game as they can switch seamlessly from offensive caster to healer to melee DPS as needed.

- Warlock
They enslave demons and call upon dark magic and curses to dominate and destroy their foes

And some often we meet these classes in normal games =]

- Warrior

- Hunter

- Mage

- Rogue

- Priest
Of course they are very important in every game

So what others? After they have classes, they have different fraction. Where you get to kill others. Plus they have different kind of race... as stated..

Hordes have: tauren, bloodelf, undead, troll, orcs
Alliance have: draenai, humans, dwarves, gnomes, night elves

You will first need to start with WoW original > Burning Crusade > Wrath of the Lich King

Before i go on and on... my cousin is kind enough to share some of his screenies...

his class is warlock and a bloodelf warlock to be specific...

this character is now actually an undead warlock because no one will go do lvl 60 raids when there are better gear from 70 raids so technically people wear gear of their levels because its better stats.

certain gear sets giv u cool looks and weapon enchantments giv ur weapon a glow. Further more wings are from the shoulder piece. You can have like 6 different characters on 1 server and each one can be the same or different.

they all look different and theres restrictions on the races so for example u cannot hav tauren paladins. and only taurens can be druids for the horde side so u cannot be undead druid. when u start the game u choose a race then u choose the classes available for that race. it just evens things up a bit because each race have their own unique race skills for example taurens hav like 2% more HP

4 main tanking classes: Death Knights, Paladins, Warriors, Druids (bearform)

My cousins said that druids are fun. Because u hav different forms so the play style is different u can be catform (melee dps similar to a rogue), bearform (tanks similar to a warrior),moonkin form( dps spellcaster), treeform (healer spec).

BUT...they're not as good as their counterpart for example bearform you cannot wield a shield like warriors so you rely only on dodge. Unlike warriors who hav shields for blocking and blades for parrying still viable for their uses just not as good

Finally... its not a free game ahahahaha... you need to pay $14.99 USD per month

Of course an official thanks to my awesome WoW gamer cousins Ivan

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