Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Childhood Melody

Does anyone remember during the days... When we were like 7 to 12 years old? During my time there weren't any K3Sha nor Lady Gaga style... My time it was the all famous band from Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Aqua, Spice Girls, Vengaboys, Toy Box and etc.

Well, you know where i am heading with these groupies. These groups broke up or torn apart when i hit high school so youngster these days probably wont know them unless their songs or album are still out there selling.

Remembering the good old days where I dance and sang through the radio or the cassette player that my dad brought me. (I aint rich enough to get the VCD *i doubt these are still on sales*) I would just blast my music and doing some weird dance moves in front of the huge glass door i have in my living room.

Oh and i remember during the days when we have our camp night during my final year on primary school... each of our clubs need to come up with a dance or a performance and such, i remember a last minute dance rehearsals of BYE BYE BYE by Nsync. It was the best night ever, even though most of us mess up the steps but it was fun to dance with the songs we love.

The girls prefer to have spice girl's style... wearing the different colors and sexy dance moves! I DONT EVEN KNOW THOSE WERE CALLED SEXY MOVES DAMMIT... and i just felt nice dancing with their beat...

I guess i can understand why i like those songs, because the beat and rhythm is just so catchy that you wont forget... its stuck on to your head and you just want to listen to it, even though you know its a crappy song with no meaning but the beat just makes you want to move your body.

Technically when i listen to it again, I realize that all these times when i was young listening to the singer who doesnt sings o.O''' . Dont get it? Simple. They use the voice enhancer to make their singing better. I didnt notice it back then, but now i guess why i love their voice because it isnt their real voice at all. Also proves that they never really had a live shows ANYWHERE....

Honestly thinking back I can understand why our parent hate our songs... But at that age of 7 till 12... who knows anything about dirty stuff? Yes when i say dirty, its like those simple lines in the lyrics that makes it pretty bad. Let me give you a few examples...

Let start with vengaboys.. since that was the first song i gotten my feet to move and dance throughout my days... Their song was BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.... it was a very very sexual song honestly, but still i just sang throughout the entire song without noticing the meaning...

Boom boom boom boom
I want you in my room
Let's spend the night together
From now until forever...


From toybox... Superman (gosh to think i love to sing this)

Superman is on the air
I'm flying in my super red underwear
His sexy dress is turning me on
I feel kinda hot when i'm puttin' it on

KIDS me like listen to songs like these and dance with it -___- so i kinda dont blame kids or teens these days to listen to Lady Gaga or K3sha... or any other weird ass song... Since kids these days are smart than i was when i was young...every kids these days are filled with internet shitty stuff like twitter and facebook... during my time it was dollies and running around outside. Kids these days barely see the sun unless its PE lesson in school.

Seriously these days all the songs/music i know, mostly have stuff like beer, sex, boobs, sex, ass, sex, girls, sex and more sex with beer... Dont you agree? The songs which actually makes sense arent that much either...

what say you?

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