Saturday, May 22, 2010


GAH! I hate this! I hate this! Time of the month alongside with the rushing of final is tiring!

Why cant my lecturers actually extend it judging from our presentation on week 11? Its like MOST!!! Yes MOST of us have only 10 to 30% done! There are only a handful whom finished up to 70% or more... LOOK at the majority for christ sake! Are you for serious???? No extension??

Whats worst? We put soooo much effort into our exhibition and turns out the lecturer cant do ANYTHING!!! to the management to make it approve our proposal... wtf? =.=''' During day 1 they were like " ooh this is gonna be a huge exhibition and its gonna be great" bla bla bla but now? Oh we cant get it through the management and the so called tan sri of ours wasnt in uni to get it done... =.= seriously if you people would give as much effort into the exhibition as we do, you would get it approve for us asap rather than saying, we cant do anything =.=''' well that sure gives us lotsa hope on the exhibition aye?

And what do you know 2 more weeks and its final presentation. I wonder other than the top As students, will anyone actually finish their entire final... >__>

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