Monday, April 12, 2010

Flyff V15 Beta

Ok so i went in and play for the couple of days and sorta figure out whats new....

First based is the Guild House! Guild leaders can now buy a guild house, where the house items such as furnitures are able to give you extra stats points =]

Also we try out the new dungeon, and defeated the boss (drops on beta is screwed so we got suns instead of lusaka weapons >_> )

There are also new pets, called buff pets. We were able to turn our old pick-up pets into a buff pet with a special item called 'pick-up pet upgrade'. These buff pets have a couple of slots, in which you can put beeds that will give you extra stats when the buff pet is out.

We also tried to hunt down some of the new jewelry during the Beta. Everyone else seemed to be after them as well though, so we didn't get further than a champions gore.

Something else that was new in the Beta was the Master/Apprentice feature. We didn't get to try this out, because you apparently had to do a lvl 90 quest for this. Should you do this quest though, you have the ability to take apprentices under your wing. When the master and apprentice are online at the same time, they will get a small exp boost buff.

This wasn't the only thing that we didn't get to try out though. Like the new content for Heroes. We were too lazy to continue grinding, so we didn't reach the point of being able to reach the Catacombs of Anguish or the Valley of the Risen. The first one is a Hero-only dungeon where the new sets are supposed to drop. The second is an area with 121+ monsters, where Heroes can continue grinding till lvl 129.

Other then the new features we've tried out and a bit of grinding, Beta was a complete upgrade-fest again xD. So many people surounding the upgrade specialist in Flaris and Darkon, try to get their weapons, armor, and jewelry as high as possible.