Sunday, April 5, 2009

KL design week!

Bwahahahahhaha!!!! KL design week was a full week of conference and exhibition that tires me out to the bone~!! Started out on saturday which is the first day of the KL Design Week conference. Where it was held at MaTic (Malaysian Tourism Center). The conference was about super motion. There the artist talks about their experience and also show their works, telling us how they went through the industry and such. Speakers are Hue VisualLab, Rune Entertainment, Hexa Project, JL (Johnathan Lo), TokyoPlastic (inspires me), Kobayashi (show the me life experience), Umeric (gives me the passion about 3D), last but not least Studio 4 degree (i have tons of emotional feelings when i watches his artwork)

The goodie bag!

The booklet ... collection of artwork and artist details.

That's us with kobayashi!

Studio 4 degree Koji Morimoto!!!

The 5th artwork of studio 4 degree!

Aya Kato art!!! woots!

Sound of art~~

Thats it for now :D

More pictures of F1 Grand Prix some other day!!


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