Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Invasion of Aibatts

The title is just a joke really. Its not another invasion in clockworks but its a transy between me and my friend. BananaPie and ChibiSkeith. Well dont ask me how we met or what so ever, but we just know each other somehow. Most of all, he is from MoB guild =.='' Well i used to hate most of the MoB guildies but somehow he is different i guess. But i yet to find out about him XD

Here are some piccies.

And somehow MinusTheBear join us along....

Now is just me and ChibiSkeith

Well, at most time I have nothing to do in flyff other than chatting itself. So technically i am a chatterbox...

Below its me and pheat, a long time friend whom suddenly quit flyff and now back in action.

ALSO!!! in the arena~~ where my cute lil guild mate got pawned... well i never like him anyway, so its cool to screenies. :>

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