Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flyff V13 Sneak Peak!!

Yesh!!! V13 is coming out!!

Version 13 heralds the release of tons of new playable content and updates for our users. Amongst these exciting new features is our newest continent, Coral Island!

Coral Island was designed specifically with our low to mid level players in mind. Similar to Azria, Coral Island monsters offer double the experience and double the drops of normal monsters when killed. In addition to this, increased spawns and non-aggressive monsters make leveling your character a breeze.

Players will be pleasantly surprised to discover that all of the monsters who reside on Coral Island are new to the land of Madrigal. These monsters range from level 43 to 65.

n order to optimize those late night grind fests, Coral Island also offers an additional channel for players to use. This extra channel will help to reduce any possible lag players may experience and ensures that monster spawns are never too crowded

Coral Island can be accessed by using a “Coral Island” ticket which can be purchased from FlyFF’s Premium shop for a minimal price.
With increased experience, non-aggressive monsters and sunny, warm beaches… who wouldn’t want to check out FlyFF’s newest area? So go ahead, grab your towel and your sunscreen (Don’t forget your weapon!) and make sure to check out Coral Island!

Hear it from here first!!


Anonymous said...

this is better info :)

btw, im a malaysian playing too.

Sherlyn_chan said...

b careful bout going to v13 web sties

mostly are keyloggers

i got my info from the main website from the gpotato forum