Sunday, March 1, 2009

All grown up

My character have finally grown up ^^. Been over the years I have been leveling her and she is almost reaching her off age. Which is level 105. Here she is with her best friend RoxasDude...

Also, I met some new friends, such as silly Silenstonez. A 1v1 blade. He usually having trouble getting a partner. Just because he is a 1v1. Personally for me, if i were to level in the towers, i prefer to have 1v1, the lag in there is obviously scary. The aoers usually give extra lags in there.

Heres the picture of Silentstonez with the Giant Kern. He wanted me to kill it, but unfortunately, it killed his partner XD. Silly isnt it.? Plus I didnt have my remingster suit with me. It still under flury.

And here~~ is the picture of his dead rm XD~~!! We purposely took screenies just for the sake of laughter.

Signing off to Uganda~~~

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