Tuesday, February 24, 2009


OMG!!!! What happen to the tmnet for these couples of days??! Seriously, loading the forum and such is slower than before. Usually when we opens a new tab, it will load automatically and really fast. Now, even after i do my business and finish cleaning up my room twice, the loading button is still spinning...

And supposedly the patch for flyff were half way there, but I cant even -ihaveapottymouth- do a 5 patch!!! And its running on 1kbps!!! I was so fed up that i nearly blew up my pc by tabbing 15 on the web browser.

HELL yea i was screaming like so!!!

So we called them, and what they say? ( Our Technician is working ''very hard'' at the moment to solve the problem) I was like IF you people are working godly hard, then the problem should be fixed before the complain treads are calling in...!!

Time for tennis before it it rains !!! Till some other time~!

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