Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to game!!

Yesh!! I am back to my same old unhealthy lifestyle except for the fact that one of my housemate is cooking for the entire house, so I wont be eating much junk for this semester.

Anyway Flyff now is under maintenance that's how I find the precious time to blog here. It will be around 24 hours to 72 =.='' hours of no flyff. Which means, I have time for youtube, forums and facebook. I seriously want to get to level 105 asap!! Its the agony and also excitement that pushes me towards 105. The reason is simple, last few days ago, me and my guild mate were having guild siege, it was fun and all but I hate being the perm for everyone in there.

I was still wearing the flurry set... I didnt want to go for it actually. But they say its just only for the first time trial or experience. So I went and fully buffed them and die the most in there. I swear it is fun!! Thats why I want to be 105 quick!

Here some screen shots of it. I was lagging when I in the siege and couldn't take any, so i took the screen shot after the event.

And look at the amount of people. When I say I am lagging, I am seriously lagging.

Oh yea, check out HellBex, one of my favourite Master friend.

ShaNa the Hero in our guild, gotten the most kill! Saleem actually causes lag with her wf... Gotzabe actually quit our guild after siege =.= well too bad for him because the next day (for them is just 6 hours later) we had guild war with Sunrise and Tyrants guild. It was a fun loooong fight.

A final gratz to all my Master friends. Scream4help, Mytlitium, whatitistoburn, Herm, and Shuyun

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