Friday, March 6, 2009

Burger King ambassador?

Yup.... It was a normal day at school, its Friday class, 3D design... where we need to model a character. I choose corpse bride Victor. He seems skinny and easier to model.

Anyway, we have our group meetings around 2pm but our classes ended around 12. So Eden one of our group mates decided to go out and have lunch. First we decided to have lunch at SK (sri kembangan) but somehow they give a random idea of going to alamanda (shopping complex) to watch movie. Technically, guys they all agree and i was pull along since my other girl friends are in their group so i just follow my group mates to alamanda. Unfortunately for us, the next movie time is 2pm while the earlier one was 11 am. In the end we didn't watch any movie.

Deo later decided to have lunch at burger king. As for me, its my first time having burger king, so its like a new meal for me. I ordered the French chicken something... The meal was huge~!! I barely can finish, so i give most of my fries away to Liqi. The guys really can eat alot... burgers, nuggets and fries and coke...

Ok as u were guessing, in the group its just me and another girl Ilyani, but she didn't come with us, so its just me and the rest are all guys.

We went back to college after the meal, and Eden with his naughty hand, he took one crown from the burger king and wanted to put on my head, but instead shan took it and pass it to deo. So... shan, eden and me make a small bet on deo. Making him wear that crown and walk in the university. At first we wanted to turn the crown upside down to make it more comical, but deo doesn't seems to want it that way... Well at least he took the dare and walk to the library from the parking lot. He is lucky Eden didn't park far away from the uni itself.

The library is actually quite near to the parking lot but shant makes deo walk through the plaza. For the sake of laughter and fun... ( you know the guys ) and so he did. From the parking lot to the plaza to the walk of fame to the library. Its pretty far actually if you think of it.

I took a small clip of it, but turn off the volume, cause my voice might be too loud as I was the one who holds the camera.