Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rawr Guild

RAWR~!! -bites- Yes, i'm in the Rawr guild. Formerly created by EmoRC (cory) and recently lead by Estrellita [Amanda], ShaNa (Hero Blade) [Tessa] and Saleem. Anyway, it so happen before the tower siege, we had some fun at the arena pawning some noobies who keep hitting us 0. So it happen I saw that our guild is having more than 5 people online. Which means, we're finally having active players. So i decided to have a guild picture taken~!! and here are some~!! Its not really perfect, because of the balloons.

Before i go, i just want to say, yes i do miss him alot. Earlier, when i was in friendster, i randomly click on his profile and makes me regrets of not asking him or even finding the courage to talk to him face to face. Its just hard now when i think back, of how many chances was given to me. His name? I can only give initial... its N...

MISS YOU SO MUCH... I hope you'll be able to online again. At least i get to talk to you for a split second.

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