Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Begins

It have been ultra long i havent update anything on this blogging site... Seems like my lazy bone is back in action when I spend time with gaming and facebook-ing.

Of course there would be more screenies from my flyff game... Though I have stop for a while due to the breaking lines i have back in hometown

This is an one and only chance we can see a giant aibatt... i meant how often is that O_o...

And I found triplets of my own character.. hair, fashion sets and also the job...
take a look at my triplet friends

Plus!!! There was an invasion in darkon long time ago too... But I was too busy leveling to even blog about it... Anyhow, the invasion was muffin man... well that's what I call it...

Of course some of you guys wont forget the trans they have... Somehow the GM comes up with a new trans which is the giant luia... in the celebration of thanks giving day =.=''

I miss my baby trev so much T__T... he must have been busy with school work and also the christmas holiday is coming too... He is rarely on and so do i D:.... This screen shots was the last I am with him... After that, we contact each other by mailings

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