Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ox, Bull, Cow, Yak, or whatever year they wanna call it

HAHAAHH i havent got any idea on what to write here actually. I was spending my time at my grandma place and got bored because the lack of entertainment... As we're stuck at the rural area, with all my cousins and relative.

Back to the topic I put on headlines, I heard from MANY feng shui master, that this year is going to be a hard year to survive in. I dont understand why some people would believe in such things. As in feng shui, horoscopes, or whatever it is. These days, which i have notice, people are trying to follow Mr Nostradamus footstep of being able to predict the future.

Anyway I dont wanna talk about those stuff =.=''' my life aint about predicting but to make things happen. Predicting and guess work is sorta woolly to me. Back to basic, i am here to share a little knowledge and also something my friend left for me before she stop playing that game. Flyff map, which is rather important seeing the way she change it and make it more informational.

Also there was a celebration of Christmas in Flyff, I was too busy with my real life and also the in game life that i totally forgot about blogging on it XD but I did took some screen shot of it. For memorable moments... even though i was alone that time.

Well I cant promise to keep it update... But I will eventually remember to blog

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