Saturday, May 23, 2009

Its Big and Its Coming

Woots due to assignments rush and no fast internet streaming, i have been slacking off blogging.. Anyway, i wanna share something that i love since the age of 12... harry potter :) yesh i love the books and not all of the movies... Its still my favourite compare to any other movies or books. LOTR... well i just dont understand that story so yea...

This summer... July...

yesh it is here!! harry potter movie!! ps i hope the director doesnt screw this movie up like the previous order of phoenix. Its a complete downfall for the ootp... It just too short and he miss out toooooo let me say it again TOOOO many scenes.!! I wish they select better director than the previous one, but heck they decided to keep him =.=''

Then this is the newest trailer... ENJOY <3

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