Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flyff V13 Closed Beta

Ugh... its an utter disappointment =.='' Well i havent been on flyff due to assignments overload, but the feedbacks from flyffers about v13 was bad. Until now, there is no good feedback about it. Other than their new features, it have nothing good about v13.

Namely ''Couples System'' ... two players of opposite sex can choose to be a "couple" by mutual agreement ( pfft lol). Once these two players characters form that magical bond, no one can tear is asunder (huahahahahahaahah)

And for those characters that have entered into such a partnership will recieve special benefits and bonuses as a results of their commitment. The more the ''couples''' plays together, the stronger the bonds becomes. (i'm gonna marry myself). The longer the relationship last the greater the rewards received.

Here's the (what i call) rules and regulation:

1) Basics
Only two players of the opposite sex can become a “couple” through a proposal process; however, it is possible for any player character to change sex by using a Transy before and/or after forming a “couple.”
B. How do I propose?
- There is a “propose” Motion button in the Motion window
- Players can “propose” only once every 24 hours. Make sure the character that you propose to is single!
- The character that is proposed to should press the “OK” button that appears in the pop up window in order to complete the bonding and form a couple.

There is no level requirement for forming a couple.
Need a divorce? Couples can break up by pressing the “Break Up” button in the Couple window. (Shortcut: F Key)

2) Couple Levels & Skills
The couple that plays together grows stronger together. As long as they play the game in the same channel, they will gain “Couple EXP”. When they gain enough “Couple EXP”, their “Couple Level” increases (up to a maximum of 21 levels). At certain Couple Levels, the player characters will receive unique skills called “Couple Skills”. One example is the skill called “The Power of Love” which gives both Attack Power and Defense boosts to the player characters. In addition to exclusive skills, the players will receive special gifts that are awarded to them by mail, such as Flying Clouds, Baby Luia, and Meteo Bikes!

And their Second features?

New housing system!! (lame much?)

Players are going to become homeowners in the brand new Housing System! In Version 13, everyone gets their very own apartment (a.k.a. pad, flat, condo, crib, abode, dwelling, domicile or whatever else you want to call it) in the game for the first time! They can decorate it, trash it, reorganize it, and then invite their friends over for a housewarming party.

Gameplay >>>>

1) Basics
A) Entering & Leaving
-- Users can enter their humble abode or trendy new flat (however you prefer to call it) by having a chat with, Charlie, the hockey mask wearing chainsaw carrying Housing Manager (an NPC that looks an awful lot like a serial killer…).
-- Want to leave? Just click on the door to exit.
-- Invite your friends over for a shindig by clicking the right mouse button and then selecting “Invite to My Room” option in the window.
B) Home Decor
-- Various furniture and household goods can be purchased from Charlie, the Housing Manager (NPC) or the Cash Shop.
-- Purchased items are stored in the user’s inventory. If the user double clicks on any of these items, they disappear from inventory and are then stored in the decoration window which can be viewed by pressing the Y key. Any household items stored in the decoration window can then be placed in the user’s condo.
-- Furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
-- Your pets and miscellaneous accoutrements can hang with you in your pad.
-- Be your own interior designer! The placement of furniture and other interior d├ęcor items is totally up to you. In placement mode, you can move them back and forth, and twist and turn them around before setting them down. Even after you’ve placed an item, you can undo it by simply bringing up the decoration window, selecting the item you want to remove in the list, and then selecting the “Cancel” button.
-- Once you’re finished decorating, you can run around, jump on the bed, invite your friends over for tea, or polish your favorite weapons.
2) Special Items
A) Power UP!
-- Some household furnishings have special effects that can increase the stats of the player character that sets them up in his/her home. For example, a bed can boost the owner’s Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence/Stamina when placed in their home, while a table can increase the user’s Attack Power by +200. Make sure you choose your furniture carefully.

Well thats about it.... What you think? Fun? =.= i think not...

I was dang hoping for new jobs or new maps or new types of characters...

Anyway for more information, peeps can look up at http://my.mmosite.com/flyff_team/Blog/Item/1b75fd1531eda7db80a1cb0e4b008b9b.html

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