Monday, March 15, 2010

Disney On Ice

Recently, me and my friends attend this fabulous event, which is Disney On Ice. My first impression when I saw the ice rink was, disappointed. It was smaller than the tennis court in my point of view. Possible slightly bigger than a badminton court.

It was held from 12, 13, 14 of march 2010. The theme was Disneyland Adventure. I do hope the next time when i am going to disney on ice, I need to check out the theme before coming. In my opinion, this theme isnt as thrilling and fun as the previous ones that comes to malaysia and perform. Which is Princess Wishes held on the same place. Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.

We paid 178 for the side rink second row seats. Not very far from the ice rink, so we did get to see the characters upclose. But seeing the kids around me, i felt that am i too old for this? The little kids was wearing their disney princess outfits, making them so cute and lovable.

My friends and I took my friend's car. Its was a manual kancil. I daresay i sucks in driving a manual car even though i pass from it. So my friend, Christine, drive us to Bukit Jalil. Me as the directory? LoL , i mean i have the way to go to Bukit Jalil, and i am guiding her the way. BUT even with the way and map, we did get lost due to some weird ass petrol station dude, who pointed us to the highway -.- THAT lead us to town literally. I saw the twins tower and Petronas tower and I went, I think you are on the wrong highway -.-'' This is like the north south, seremban highway.. Lol-ing on the way due to the wrong turn, and I was right the first time, when i said turn to the left, BUT didnt know we have to u turn to go into the stadium parking lots. So in the end, we did arrive safely xD...

We bought A&W for lunch. (Its the only stall there which sells full hearty meals). The weather isnt being friendly towards us as much as the car. Turns out, the kancil have problems with the battery wires. It was hot as hell, but thankfully i was wearing shorts but with LONG sleeves clothing x.x''.. After we bought our food, we went in line to get into the stadium. It was full of people, but seriously i do feel i am too old for this ice show. Everyone surrounding me are kids with parents, and three of us are like young adults? xD

There was a very nice old man just outside the waiting area, who is so kind and friendly compare to the local girl inside the stadium -.-''' Both of them are selling the programs book, but judging from what i see, the old man have more customer compare to the local girl. Yes the old man isnt a local but he is good in different language ^^ go him!

This is what happen exactly. As in like what i see in my own eyes. Outside this old man which is friendly smile and cheerie talks, makes everyone buys the program book without hesitation. These are the few lines i remember him saying (programs for disney on ice, ring a ding ding its a nice show, buy one now and enjoy yr show, hello young lady you want to buy a nice program book?, apa khabar? khabar baik? hello mei mei, ni hao ma? want to buy a pretty program book?) COMPARE to the local girl (program programs programs) all the time.. WITHOUT a smile. So who will actually get more sales? ^^

So yea the Disney On Ice start off with the parade on mainstreet introduction mickey and minnie and the rest of the gang. Introducting us the events or parts of disneyland. (cause i been to disneyland in HK before) so technically just around the disneyland and suchs. Fantasyland, alice in wonderland, hunted mansion, (i forgot where buzz lightyer was from again), pirates of the carribean, also they introduce Manificient, (no idea why does they do that), Stitch (lilo and stitch from hawaii), Papa bear ( jungle book) and of course how can we forget Incredibles to save the day. Finally during the parade, they bring out snow white, cinderella, chips and dale... i think i mention most of the characters that appear. Also they have break betweens the show which i think its a very good thing due to kids who cant hold their bladder, (reason why i hate kids in cinema)

And parts i love most? Is the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean. I guess its because of the dance and the clothing that amaze me the most.

Thats all from me ^^ signing off <3

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