Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year + Valentine

Valentine day seems important to most people, but to me, it doesnt. Actually it doesnt makes any sense. Why does people only pick a day to spend your time with your loves ones. Does that means that the person only loves their partner once a year? LoL. Anyway my chinese new year 1st day is like ''overjoyed'' yes with commas.

My grandma is in the ward, my dad is grumpy for no reason and for those cousins who didnt bring any gifts are allowed to participate in the exchanging gifts session. WHo's bloody idea? My eldest uncle.

No offence but seriously, its not your idea in the first place also i know you're the eldest but its my youngest auntie who put in her every effort to gather the family who BRINGS gift to be able to exchange. I mean have shame. Your kids didnt bring anything and yet participating in the exchange gift session?

I know we're family and shouldnt be calculative, but morale and habits are learnt from home. Imagine your kids in school having a exchange gifts session, and you go,' What? I dont know what is that, i dont want to care.' Then your kids go to school empty handed and join the gift sessions. The one who be shameful isnt you but the kids.

Worst of all, my 3rd Aunt. I know she havent been married yet, but seriously do you have to just randomly PICK someone and yell at them? Yes she pick on my youngest auntie again. She was screaming her head off downstairs (yes i was just about to shower) about how come no one visit grandma and bring food for her.

I was like LADY!!! Its 1st day of chinese new year, do you have to bring everyone's mood down like this? As if we dont care anymore about grandma =.='' PLUS visiting hours are only 12 to 2 pm and 5 to 7 pm, and there's a limitation of how many people who can visit grandma.

Another problem i see? My eldest uncle's wife, she is always superstitious about stuff, and complaints bout it. Due to the Chng's family reunion T shirt, she was like this cannot, that cannot, in my mind says that, i know you DONT want your husband to pay half for it, but you dont have to show it so clear on your face literally. But in the end my youngest aunt (i know again her, she does contribute the most in the fam) does create a t shirt for the Chng family. In my opinion, the ''logo'' she chooses,have alot of misleading xD because it shows, CF with a two words above the circle ' family reunion'. My cousins and i when we first got the t shirt, we were like CF? comic fiesta? christian fellow? cert of foundation? LOL i know xD it resembles alot of meaning and NO I Didnt design that t shirt, though i did want to help them.

Finally, my dad. He DONT even have the chinese new year mood =.=. Gawd! I seriously dont know what got into him! I mean if its THAT hard to cook for people (since there was no maid coz they need to take care of grandma in ward) THEN dont cook. Just eat whatever on the table. I mean why make things so hard when there are ways out sometimes. Seriously? Its like yea, i like to drink lotsa carbonate water, ISNT THAT WHAT CHINESE NEW YEAR ABOUT? I mean since when during chinese new year, you drink plain water =.=? Sheesh. So what if i just hang around with the kids? You want me to help you to cook? It just because i am 21 DOESNT means it stops me from being a kid. ALSO I REALLY HATE staying with my parents under the same room. GAWD!!! I mean i know, we have only 3 rooms in the house, and since 1st and 2nd uncle is here, we need to share only one room. I KNOW I LOVE TO LEAVE MY THINGS AROUND, BUT I KNOW WHERE I LEFT IT AND YOU DONT HAVE TO JUST MOVE IT AWAY SAYING THAT I DONT CARE!!! Damn how would you feel, that one day you place your car keys on somewhere else, then i put it SOMEWHERE where i know, and tell you in the face that, who told you to leave your things everywhere. I love to see how you feel to have your things taken away without saying a word about it.

Now i know how it felt like to be literally staying with a parent. I mean i left my laptop on the floor yes, and IT IS BESIDE MY BAG and yes i am gonna carry it around WITH my bag. (no wonder my life was happier when i first got my own room) But nooooo, he take it away and throw it into the box, saying that 'dont leave your things around, you guys simply put your things unattended, you dont want your laptop izzit? people step on it then spoil it, is that what you want?' For the FIRST TIME i was so piss, i felt like i want to rebel against them. I MEAN ITS NOT YOUR THINGS WHY YOU EVEN TOUCH IT. SHEESH. I know you're my parent and i know you meant well, but seriously i am 21 and i do have my own private things and not another 5 year old who left their toys around.

Annoying thing is that, i have this literally stalker!!!!

Geez!!! Annoying much? I mean IF I DONT EVEN TALK TO YOU OR REPLY YOUR MESSAGES, THEN STOP FUCKING MESSAGING ME. Get the point where people dont want to talk to you rather than having a thick skin of even getting WAYS to get connect with them. Seriously -.-'' its so weird that there ARE such people alive in these manners.

And i just found out yesterday that P's bandmates are a couple now. K and H, i was like EWWW!!! because in my opinion, that dude is like a shy hawttie and super rockstar and super cute with asians looks, but this girl is like with blazing red hair and those girlish girls, were together. She's moving to Germany and the guy is going to go with HER! I was like ewww no future!! I mean whats the point of like following a girl when you have no studies, no jobs, no money O_o'' feed off from your parents? ROFL or the girl's parent? (no offence just my opinion) But youngsters these days dont think like that anymore. They just follow along with their partners not knowing the world. Well if they prefer to suffer first then only enjoy, be my guest xD. I know i dont HAVE my future plan out but seriously, going away with someone you love not knowing whether its good or bad, (i mean they just met during the band competition like only couple of months) go ahead =.='' dont come crying when the bad happens.

So how's your valen-fa chai day?


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