Monday, January 4, 2010


I love Taiwan! Though its only a week stay in Taiwan but i still enjoys it. My flight was on the 14th of December. Its actually a trip planned by my dad and his 2 other friends. So together we have 3 families going to taiwan.

We had an early flight (thats what i thought anyway) which is 2pm and reaching Taiwan safely around 7pm. I usually liked plane rides, but i guess the pressure on China Airlines is just too much? =.=

This is what it looks like when you're high above the sky and in the middle of South China Sea.

Exotic Taiwan and their nature. I realise that Hualien is filled or I shall say its surrounded by mountains and flowers. Proudly standing pretty along the roadside, the flowers of hualien are freshly blooming.

The first day of Taiwan, we step first into the National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall. My sis and I actually thought its a waste of big space when we can use it for roller blades which makes us over excited and started jumping around.

Later we visit Yehliu, where there are rocks formations that created by the erection and other natural forces. Apart from it, the weather was hot as hell. I know Taiwan supposed to be around 18 degree Celsius but at that beach, its nowhere near that cooling. The blaze of the sun stings into my skin like acid.

The so called rock formation on the beach looks more like truffles to me. So i took a few pictures and i will let you be the judge. Of course the all famous rock formation of the queen face. Though rather than taking only the front, i bet anyone would like to see how does the back looks like xDD. But yea, i am just being mean because that time, the sun burn up most of my energy and i was sweating... Imagine to climb up the stupid rocks then down again just to enjoy those truffle look alike rocks.

And behold the formation of the queen's head and the back xDD

Of course we take a visit to the Martyr's Shrine, where we watch the ceremony of changing guards hourly. Seriously i told my sis, i just wasted few minutes of my life here watching these people walking around. Plus my tour guide was telling us that, there was going to be really handsome guard changing during the ceremony, and i DID believed him till i got off the bus and stand with the crowd. Other than that, i admire the temples carving on the ceiling.

Later we onwards to Chiufen,(seriously i salute the bus driver, because it was situated in the middle of the mountains, and the roads are so narrow and winding. When you're sitting on a double decker bus, you might wanna shut your eyes if you're scared) to see the old fashion way of life. The aura of old mining that still apparent. There we tried some famous local dishes like Taro and Sweet Potato Balls but my favourite was still the wildboar sausages <3 yummy! Though here i didnt take any pictures, because its soooo filled with people swarming in and out... The shop that was crowded with the most tourist was the sweet shops, where people buy the mochi and jelly.

We didnt have much time spend on Chiufen itself, because we need to rush for our train ride all the way to Amei's Aboriginal Cultural Village.

The next day, we have our trip to Taroko National Park and also Taroko Memorial Arch Building. I wasnt interested in the building as much as my parents did. Though i love the hot spring we went later on, which is the Chihpen Hot Spring.

During the 4th day, we went to Fo Guang Shan, Mei Non Hakka Village and also Da Keng Leisure Farm during the night though. Fo Guang Shan is actually a famous temple that i actually climbed over 100 stairs just to get up and see the god and goddess and suchs... Where else we stopped by at Mei Non Hakka Village just to have a meal and also the souvenir shop to get some local products. During the night time we had barbeque at Da Keng Leisure Farm and i met a few little piggies there...

Off to the 5th day , where we visit Chung Tai Buddhist Temple, where its huge and spacious, peaceful and alot of stairs.... Then a long thrilling ride up to Sun Moon Lake, ( the reason i say thrilling is because the bus driver again have to travel the mountains of winding roads) which is rather cold and cloudy. We actually have white fog coming out from our mouth. After a visit to the temple, we head on to peacock Garden and wen wu temple. Its a temple that worship confucious , Guan Gong and Yue Faye.

So what do ladies like best? SHOPPING!!! Later that night, we went to Fong Jia Night Market! Gosh its like best night ever, due to i spend like 2 to 3 hours just to walk along the street and no i didnt even take the 2nd round. There was so much to see and so much to buy and so much to explore! My sis and I bought some gloves to keep our fingers warm, because the wind against us are pretty strong and i hate to have my fingers frozen when i am shopping.

Finally on day 6, we went to the Danshuei Fisherman Whaft and also Danshuei Old street, not to mention the Lover's Bridge. They called it, Ching Ren Chiao. Its so cold that i barely dare to take off my scarf away from my face to take a picture with my parents and sis. After the cold shivering day at the bridge, we're off to Shinlin Night Market. Again its a really good time there but not as good as Fong Jia Night Market though. Less things to see due to the lesser time we have.

Of course how could i missed out Taipei 101. The shopping heaven for most rich people... though i love the interior and also the exterior. I cant say it looks like KLCC but its a really nice shopping mall =]

A piece from me before i leave finish this post. I daresay, taiwan is an exotic place to visit and also to explore. During december is the best time due to the cooling weather and the autumn season. The temperature is around 12 to 17 degrees and its really cooling and nice. I learn alot of things from Taiwan actually, the environment and suchs. First I realise that they forbids people to use plastic at all cost. Its like i asked for a plastic bag to carry the things i buy, they would give me the sour face and say, you can carry those on your own. But my dad says, no and finally they give us the plastic bag to carry our junk food. Later, i found out that their rubbish collector only comes every night time, and even with music turn on, due to one of the trucks are for wet rubbish and the other is dry, and if u miss the rubbish truck, you just need to wait till tomorrow. Their tol system is way different from malaysia, because they dont even have a barrier for the cars, NONE. I guess malaysian is just none trustworthy -.-''

The road system there allow them to use scooter as they are for ladies and men. I find it rather unusual for girls to ride scooter but i guess its normal for them. The best part about taiwan that i have learnt? Their toilets!!! Actually our tour guide actually leads us to alot of toilets... as in like every hour we get to visit the toilet =.=''' So what so unusual bout the toilet? Actually i was pretty dumb at first, because the toilets in malaysia, we used to push the toilet to see if its occupied, but in Taiwan, it is pulled... So yea, i guess that wraps up the Taiwan Trip!

I apologize for the lack of pictures, because most of it , i have already posted up on my facebook =]


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